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Square photo prints
Square photo prints
From $0.30
Square prints, available in a 10x10cm or 20x20cm size, are perfect for Instagram photos (and all kinds of others) - the cute little kitten you saw 10 minutes ago, your youngest’s first selfie, your new trainers, your gorgeous other half...they’re all important in their own way, so bring the memories to life with our square prints.
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The Story

When we first set out on our photo printing adventure, we started with retro, instant camera style prints because it felt like that's what people wanted at the time - the square prints and filters that were so popular on Instagram, the resurgence of vintage fashion and all of the memories it called to mind. But we really wanted to be able to offer a second print style. That’s when it came to us! What if this second style was simply the same thing but bigger, for extra happy photo vibes? So we created square prints especially for you, added a white border for an elegant modern look and now you can develop your photos as you please.

Details of the product

• 20 or more photos
• Actual size of print: 10.2x10.2cm (small) or 20.3x20.3cm (large)
• Actual size of photo: 9.3x9.3cm (small) or 19.8x19.8cm (large)
• Glossy or matte finish
• Option to add borders
• Price per photo. Shipping cost of £1, regardless of quantity
• In just a few clicks, your memories will be on their way!
My Instagram pictures are now printed and I can share them with my followers when I meet them :) Thanks Cheerz!
September 2016