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Big Scrapbook
Big Scrapbook
From $45.00
This quirky photo book (32×32cm) was made to fill up with all of your memories. Stick in your favourite photo prints, as well as all of those little things you collect throughout life - plane tickets, train tickets, concert tickets, etc. Start it off by choosing 30 or more photos in a square, retro or classic style to fill up the 20 laminated pages. Then, all you have to do is stick them in leave little notes and decorate it with the help of the accessories included: a white pen and small double-sided sticky tabs. This book will soon become one of your favourites on the shelf.
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The story of the greatest scrapbook ever

Marie-Apolline spent her summer cleaning out (well, actually, snooping around in) her Nana's attic. Boring you say? Never! During her ""cleaning out"", Marie-Apolline found all of these photo albums with the entire history of her family, and even a family tree. her Nana Suzette had taken the time to write underneath each photo with the locatiom, date and individuals in each photo... making it a great way to remember the moment in years to come. A true scrapbook was in her hands - and she realised how valuable it was. Not long back at the Cheerz office, Marie-Apolline couldn't wait to tell us about what she'd found, and thus was born the Photo Scrapbook, version 2.0!

Details of the product

  • Size of the book: 32×32cm
  • 20 thick black pages with plastic film
  • Comes with double-sided sticky tabs & a white pen
  • Filled with prints in retro, square or classic style
I've bought every family member a scrap book and they're so beautiful!
September 2016