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Valentine's Photo Album

Valentine's Photo Album

A photo album for lovers, by lovers!

From $47.00

Because all great stories are written into books, your love story deserves its own too. The life of a couple can be told with photos, printed together in a lovely photo album of 24 to 58 layflat-opening pages. It's fully customisable - you can name it, number it, and fit up to 230 photos inside. Like photos of kisses at the train station, first dates, selfies, family photos - all of your favourite memories together. There's even space to leave messages of love, to say all the things you could never say out loud.


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The love story of the Photo Album:

Thomas, one of our developers, is quite tech savvy. He has loads of photos - 1,487 of them to be in fact - and they're all nicely organised on his desktop. Like "Holidays in Cardiff" and "Brittany's Birthday Bash" and "Ski Trip 2015". But the problem is that, like most files on his computer, he's afraid of losing them. So that's why we created this Photo Album (with a lovely cover to match), so Thomas can turn all of his virtual photo albums into real, living breathing ones. It's perfect!

The lovely details:

• Size: 20 x 25cm
• From 24 to 48 pages
• 1 to 8 photos per page
• Up to 150 photos
• Thick hardcover
• Layflat opening pages
• Premium photo paper
• A lovely gift for Valentine's Day!
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