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    Square Photo Book

    Square Photo Book

    For sure with this Square Book you won't be square! 😄 (20x20cm)

    From $27.00

    Did you enjoy a blissful summer holiday, soaking up the Mediterranean? Or what about that last Christmas, when your whole family reunited finally after four years? It's these moments that are important to remember forever... and to help you do so, we've created the best and simplest Photo Books of all time. The new Square Book is available in several colours, allowing you to create your very own collection, or rather, the story of your life.


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    The square book story

    In 2015, Antoine, one of the two co-founders of Cheerz, spent three weeks in Cuba (we know, jealous much?). A perfect tan and a few mojitos later, he came back with a phone full of Instagram-worthy photos. To remember these moments, he came up with the idea to produce a photo book containing all of these beautiful and precious moments in the most simple and intuitive way possible. Rather than just photo prints, Antoine now proudly displays two square photo books full of photos of cigars, colourful buildings and old American cars on his coffee table. And if you ever visit, we're sure he'll take the opportunity to tell you his story himself.

    Details of the product

    • Format 20×20cm
    • From 24 to 58 pages
    • 1 to 8 photos per page
    • Up to 150 photos
    • Semi rigid cover
    • Layflat page opening
    • High quality photo paper
    Create my book
    My daughter loves this book I bought for her birthday. Pictures are stunning and the delivery was fast.
    September 2016
    Product satisfaction: 9.1/10
    (23154 reviews collected from a DidUEnjoy survey)
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