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    Paperback Photo Album

    Paperback Photo Album

    This gorgeous paperback photo album is printed on top-quality photo paper and handmade in our workshops with love #cheerzfactory. Choose up to 480 photos and tell your story with ease ✌️
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    The little story of the paperback photo album

    In 2015, Antoine, one of the two co-founders of Cheerz, spent three dream weeks in Cuba. One perfect tan and a few mojitos later, he came back with a phone filled with photos. So to help him remember the trip forever, we decided to create something cool with photos - something he could keep in his home for years to come. We know Antoine loves to flip through books - so we came up with the photo album, full of pictures of cigars, colourful buildings, old American cars and more. And if you're ever invited to his home, there's a 100% chance he'll show you his book and tell you about his trip! So, do like Antoine and create your own photo book to properly enjoy your photos.

    The details

    • 4 formats to choose from: square (20×20cm or 28×28cm), landscape (28×22cm) or portrait (20×25cm)
    • High quality printing
    • Premium matte photo paper
    • Option to use Felix Schoeller 180g photo paper
    • From 12 to 480 photos
    • Up to 120 pages
    • Life guarantee, super strong PUR® Glue for your photo albums to be passed from generation to generation
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