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Photo magnets (Square)

Photo magnets (Square)

Packs of 9 high quality square magnets. (6×6cm)

From $14

Fabulous, reliable photo magnets which you can personalise with your favourite photos of all of those little moments that make every day special. They come in a charming little box, making it the perfect present or the perfect excuse hang out near the fridge close to your loved ones! There is a magnet for every occasion :)


with love


Delivered in 4 working days
or 1 day in Express!


Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
satisfied with their order!

The Story about magnetic photos

We love our food here at Cheerz. If you don’t believe us then you should check out our office. We have shelves full of fruit and snacks and two huge fridges which are always full to the brim. As we spend a lot of time hanging out by the fridges we thought it would be really cool to enjoy our favourite photos at the same time. We created personalised magnets so we could stick our favourite photos all over them. Basically, whenever we have a snack now, it’s a bit like we’re sharing our plate of crab sticks and pot of mayo with all of our friends. Feel free to contact us by email @ hello@cheerz.com with your fridge covered in magnets we love to see what you do with your Cheerz order. A personalised photo is the best reward we can get.

Details on photo magnets

This is definitely one of our favourite products!
  • Set of 9 photo magnets
  • Magnet size : 6,2×6,2cm
  • 1 magnet can hold up to 2 paper sheet
  • Shipped in a cute little box
  • Awesome personalised gift
  • Well suited for Instagram photos
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Excellent magnets in a surprisingly short time. Superb.
October 2016
Product satisfaction: 9.2/10
(23154 feedbacks collected from a DidUEnjoy survey)