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Heart Magnets

Heart Magnets

Our love, forever on the fridge.

From $23

Where is the one place that you see every day and ignites emotions strong enough to make you smile? The fridge of course! This year, we decided to help you decorate your fridge for a special occasion with pretty little photo magnets in the shape of a heart... exclusive to Valentines' Day at Cheerz. Delivered in a lovely little box designed just for the occasion, these 9 magnets, each 10×10cm, will help you to capture loving moments and memories of the days and the nights spent with a loved one. As an extra little bonus, you can also customise a 10th magnet with a small message of 140 characters or less to declare your love in words! Like... "Babes, I'm not a fry pan, take me off the stove and put me on the fridge!"


with love


Delivered in 4 working days
or 1 day in Express!


Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
satisfied with their order!

Where do these little hearts come from?

We've been thinking about creating heart-shaped magnets for a while now... and Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect occasion for it. They're perfect for pleasing girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, friends, lovers... even for yourself if you find yourself falling in love with them because:
1. They're adorable
2. The packaging is unique
3. It's the perfect gift to give someone you love
4. Simply because we can never have enough magnets on the fridge!

All the lovely details:

• 9 photo magnets + 1 extra with a lovely message
• Bonus: a personalised magnet with your own personalised message (140 characters or less)
• Size: 7×7cm
• Delivered in a box full of love
• Strong enough to hold up 2 sheets of paper
• Premium printing
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