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Love Cheerz Box

Love Cheerz Box


Love is in the air... and you can collect it and keep some for yourself with our Love Cheerz Box! As the ultimate expression of love, this cute little box is filled with 30 to 45 retro-style prints to show someone you care.


with love


Delivered in 3 working days
or 1 day in Express!


Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
satisfied with their order!

The Cheerz Box Story

Once upon a time we decided to create the most user-friendly, speediest and coolest photo printing service in the world, so that you could develop your photos in the blink of an eye. Because those photos of your holiday abroad, the weekend you spent in York last month and all those pics of your cute little puppy all evoke different moments in your life, we decided to make boxes to store them in so you could keep them safe and warm by your side. Then we met Gala, and she became our box designer. She is the reason our Cheerz Box (in fact all of our boxes) are so pretty. The Cheerz Box has become our signature product. We wanted it to be a super stylish way to store your photos, something you want to leave lying around for people to see.

Details of the product

THE Cheerz product:
  • Box size : 12×9,5cm
  • From 30 to 45 photos
  • Prints size : 10×8cm
  • Add border color if you like
  • Write a short text below your photo if you like
  • High quality Photo paper Fujifilm
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