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Copacabana Cheerz Box
Copacabana Cheerz Box
From $18.00
The Cheerz Box is THE best way to keep your memories close 📷
30 to 45 photos in an 8x10cm format, kept in a lovely box... it's super fast to create, and super fun to keep! Plus, the Cheerz Box design changes every season - just another reason to start your collection 😻

with love


Delivered in 3 working days
or 1 day on Express!


Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
satisfied with their order!

Summer of Love

Our designer Gala is really our in-house artist. She dreams up and creates all the designs and patterns of our beloved products - her imagination is overflowing with good ideas. This summer, when she came back from her holiday, she had loads of lovely memories on her smartphone - afternoons at the beach, family BBQs, gourmet markets and more. To bring these memories to life, her imagination worked overtime to bring us the Summer Cheerz Box, dressed with brushstrokes of multicolour. It's a real work of art - because nothing is too beautiful for your photos!

Details of the Summer Cheerz Box

• From 30 to 45 prints
• Delivered in a lovely box
• Print size: 8x10cm
• Box size: 9.5x12cm
• Choice of border colours
• Space to add a caption to the photo
• High quality Fujifilm photo paper