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Big Fat Box
Big Fat Box
From $36.00
BAM! Who doesn’t have a laugh with their photos? You and your mates clowning around, your ironic holiday snaps, a bottle of water...EVERYTHING gets photographed! We’ve created the Big Fat Box so you have somewhere to keep them ALL, freeing up some memory space on your phone in the process. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s easy to fill, just how we like it. Big is beautiful.
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The BFB Story

We’ve worked it out - if you add up the photos on every Cheerz members' phone, it adds up to 54,818 (who says we’re addicted?). Of course, we’ve already printed loads of them. But we’ve still a long way to go. Imagine how many Cheerz Boxes we’re going to need to print them all (we counted, it's 12,117,777)! We could of course have stuck with just printing photos, but we thought it would be much more fun to create a giant box to store up to 200 of them. We decided to create the Big Fat Box, a beautiful big blue patterned box to take prime position on your shelves. PS: There’s a gold version too, hidden somewhere secret on our website!

Details of the product

The Big Fat Box is 12cm long and you can order from 75 to 200 of your best photos to fill it. Your prints will be developed on top-quality Fujifilm photo paper and you can choose to have them in retro or square style. Because your best memories deserve a big box!
This Big Fat Box looks like a jewelry box, I love it! Thanks Cheerz for your amazing work! The pictures are stunning!
October 2016