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    Love Cheerz Box

    Love Cheerz Box

    From €14.00
    If you feel the love, then this is the proof. Show off your romance by giving them 30 to 45 photos of your favourite memories together in a limited edition Love Cheerz Box. The perfect memoir to enjoy with your sweetheart during a romantic dinner by candlelight... or while watching Netflix with a delicious pizza 😉
    Love Cheerz Box€14.00
    Delivery: Standard from €3.90, Express from €12.00
    Out of stock

    with love

    Delivered in 5 working days
    or 1 day on Express!

    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
    satisfied with their order!

    The story behind the Love Cheerz Box

    Lucas isn't a fan of Valentine's Day... the roses that wilt too fast, the bad champagne and all of those cliches that lack spontaneity. But his girlfriend Emily loves it - it's an excuse do cute things for each other! So being the romantic that he is, Lucas wanted to find a nice little surprise - something personal, but not too cliche. He selected some of their loveliest memories together: their best (and their worst) selfies, weekends away, outings to restaurants and concerts... photos that they loved to look through together, but never took the time to print. He wanted to keep the photos in a Cheerz Box - but this time, he wanted to do something a bit different. So he asked Gala, our product designer, to create something special, with roses (Emily's favourite colour). And so the Love Cheerz Box was born. This most romantic and the least cliche of all Valentine's Day gifts!

    A little info about the Love Cheerz Box

    • From 30 to 45 photos
    • Delivered in a lovely box
    • Size of prints: 8×10cm
    • Size of box: 9.5×12cm
    • Choice of border colours
    • Space to write a caption (20 characters)
    • Premium quality photo paper
    Out of stock
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