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    Photo album of the year

    Photo album of the year

    The 2021 photo book, that album of the year that captures all your best moments. With a unique and customizable look, we help you tell your story however you'd like. We can't wait to dive back into the last 365 days! Go, go, go, go, it's about time you made your photo album of the year!

    📚 From 24 to 96 pages + 2 brand new covers available in 5 colours
    📄The choice between a matte paper for a reflection-free finish or a glossy paper to make your most beautiful memories really shine
    🎁 Possibility to add a box for a gift
    🇪🇺 Our photo books are printed in Europe on premium paper
    Photo album of the year €29.90
    Delivery: Standard from €9.90, Express from €12.00

    with love

    Delivered at the earliest in 11 working days
    or 6 days on Express!

    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
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    This year...

    In 2021, we saw Daniel Craig as James Bond for the last time, we cheered on our national teams at the Tokyo Olympics, we went into space with Jeff Bezos, and we celebrated the renaissance of life as we used to know it. That's how we see the big picture. If you want to relive the smaller picture, the picture made up of 1000 pictures, and the picture that's 1000 times more moving, you can do so in this photo book. Let's go!

    The album of the year 2021 is a small summary of the 365 days of your year. These are your best memories, your craziest moments like your 95 year old great aunt's wild birthday party, those dates you want to remember like your child's first day of school, your little personal anecdotes like your bike crash, the photobombs and the cringe moments that were caught on camera (go ahead, roll your eyes). All those moments you don't want to forget, the moments that you can keep forever in this album.

    Your year was unique, so we decided that your 2021 album would be too. You can personalise your photo album to your heart's content. Colours, page styles, formatting: you'll have free rein. Perfect for telling your year in the way you want to. And because sometimes the photo doesn't tell the whole story, you can write down the little stories behind it: Who would guess that after the photo of your beautiful pose at the family dinner, you got hit in the head by a ball. Or that right after your group photo on the beach, Jane had her sandwich snatched by a hangry seagull. That moments after the photo of your walk in the forest, you stepped in horse manure.

    Let's go back to your best photo memories of 2021, a year you won't soon forget!

    All you need to know about your photo book of the year

    Format and materials :
    • 1 format available :
      • Portrait (21×27.5cm)

    • 2 choices of high quality paper
      • Premium matte Silver Digital 170g included
      • Glossy finish available

    • Extra strong glue with a lifetime guarantee to ensure your album is passed down from generation to generation

    • 2 unique hardcovers (choice of cover colour, with or without photo, superimposed title)
    • 1 to 12 photos per page with defined layouts for optimal rendering (37 layouts available + 21 brand new layouts i.e. 58 in total)
    • Automatic filling available for those in a hurry: you select your photos, we fill your album in one click!

    Our answers to your questions

    How to personalise your photo album of the year?

    Because every year is unlike any other, we know your 2021's been extra special, so give your photo album the personal touch it deserves (your photo book will thank you, we promise)! Our advice: let your imagination run wild. In a few years' time, when you look through this photo book, you'll have 20/20 vision of the person you were in 2021. And don't try to tell us that you're not even a little bit curious! From the range of personalised elements available to you, you can design your photo book to suit your taste: cover colours, texts and annotations of all kinds, photo layouts... let your art speak for itself! You're the one who makes this photo product work, so take advantage of all the possibilities that are available to you.

    How do you get your 2021 photo book?

    The answer is quite obvious: by using a printing site that you particularly like...the one you're on right now! That's right, there's only one more step to your photo book of the year: one click and you'll be taken to our creation interface. Once you have placed your order, you will be able to track your package and see it arrive at your home as soon as possible. If you encounter the slightest difficulty during the process of creating your photo album of the year, or if you have a specific question about your order, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Because you're never better served than by Cheerz!

    How to make this year's photo album a memorable gift?

    The best gifts are priceless! What we mean by this is that the pleasure you get is not measured by your financial investment, but rather by the emotional value it will have for your loved ones. So it's time to send them a sly wink and review the moments that made the biggest impression on you this year. From that impromptu roadtrip to your uncle's birthday party, which is often a flop, we're pretty sure you'd need more than one photo album to sum up your year! So the secret to making that photo album the perfect gift is to put your heart into it and create a book to remember the most heart warming events of the year. Design this book as a window on the moments you want to remember, a testimony to the little joys of everyday life.