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Love Cabin Photo Print
Love Cabin Photo Print
From $11.00
Recapture that lovey-dovey feeling from a vintage photo booth with our limited edition Love Strips. Choose 20 or 40 of your photos photos to print as photo booth-strips, and we'll wrap them up in a special envelope. The ultimate gift of love!
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The Story

In 2015, Theodore set off for Lisbon with his other half and they took a load of photos. Last Christmas, Maxime went to Italy with his other half and they also took loads of photos. Last September, Majorie spent a few days in Nantes with her other half and they filled up the camera. Photos which remind them of the good times they had, those shared moments that show how great they are together. That’s why we decided to create special Cheerz Strips to celebrate love. And so, the Love Strips were born! And if you haven’t found your soulmate (yet), don’t worry, you can order some just for yourself! These Strips look just like their older brothers, they just have an extra helping of love!

Details of the product

ID love:
  • 4 photos on each strip
  • 5 Strips (20 photos in total)
  • Strip size : 20×5cm
  • Text at the bottom of your strip available
  • Delivered in a cute case with Love color
I bought these Love Strips for Valentine's day and my boyfriend loved them so much he bought new ones for our anniversary :)
February 2016