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    Retro photo prints

    Retro photo prints

    From $0.30
    A lovely family meal, holiday snaps, birthday, or those little everyday life moments that make you smile... we're willing to bet your hard drive is full of good looking photos that you want to keep forever! With Cheerz, you can print those digital files in just a few clicks and give them a charming vintage look! Choose your size - small (8×10cm) or big (12×15cm) - then connect with Facebook, Instagram, Google or your phone to pick your best photos. Add a colour or slip-in a text underneath your photos with this format. 🚀
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    The retro prints' story

    We all know someone who shares their photos on Instagram and always uses the same Amaro filter. Maybe it’s a little much, but it reminds us of the real instant camera photos our grandmother Paula used to take a long way back. Brainwave!! What if you could print the photos you take every day in that retro, vintage style we love so much? But in those days, they needed to take the roll of film into the shop to get it developed... We love this retro photo style so much that we needed to offer this to everyone, make art from your home and we'll ship you your photo prints! Please note that we also have a digital printing product called Polaroid 3000, it is a different product as this one here uses a silver photo printing process. Those beautiful prints are often ordered as gifts, if you want to make someone happy with a personalised present.

    Details of these top quality prints

    • From 20 photos to no limit
    • Best pricing for 100 photos and more
    • Prints' exact size: 8.5×10.2 cm or 12.8×15.2cm
    Size of photo in the middle: 7.5×7.5 cm or 11.8×11.8cm, respectively
    • Choose your borders' color
    • Glossy or finish
    • You can add a small text under your photos
    • Fast delivery worldwide and affordable shipping (Just £1)
    My wall is full of these prints, thanks Cheerz for the fast delivery!
    November 2016
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