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    Retro prints

    Retro prints

    Lovely family meals, holiday snaps, birthdays and the little everyday moments that make you smile: they all look good in vintage. For an old-fashioned yet timeless style, choose our retro prints. Printed on top quality photo paper, our prints are available in 8x10cm format, with options to change the colour and add captions 🚀.
    8 x 10 cmQuantity20+50+100+300+
    (per unit)
    Delivery: Standard from €9.00, Express from €12.00

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    Delivered at the earliest in 11 working days
    or 4 days on Express!

    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
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    The retro prints' story

    We all know someone who shares their photos on Instagram and always uses the same Amaro filter. Maybe it’s a little much, but it always reminds us of the real instant camera photos our mums had from way back when. Okay, we're very nostalgic, we admit it. But there's something so enjoyable about flicking through those old photos with captions scrawled on the back.
    We wanted to give you that same warm fuzzy feeling when looking through your own photos. So we introduced our retro prints, with a vintage design for that old-fashioned style. We know that no camera roll or folder on your hard drive evokes the same feelings as holding your photos in your own two hands. But with our prints, there's no need to go and get your film developed like back in the day. Ideal, right?

    Details of these top quality prints

    • From 20 photos to unlimited!
    • Benefit from discount for orders of 50+ prints
    • Prints' exact size: 8.5×10.2cm
    • Size of photo in the middle: 7.5×7.5cm
    • Choose your border colour
    • Glossy finish
    • You can add a small note under each photo
    • Fast delivery worldwide and affordable shipping
    My wall is full of these prints, thanks Cheerz for the fast delivery!