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Retro magnets
Retro magnets
From $23.00
Picture your kitchen... a sky-blue Smeg fridge, a little formica breakfast bar some crockery inherited from your grandparents. You clearly love a bit of vintage style. Our retro photo magnets will add the perfect finishing touch. Choose 12 photos and transform them into magnets which look just like pictures from an instant camera. Then stick them wherever you please. Sounds like a plan!
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The Story about retro magnets

Oil is good stuff. So are eggs. When you mix them together, as long as you do it properly (beat them well) and add plenty of seasoning, then you create something new and delicious, mayonnaise. Our Retro Magnets work on more or less the same principle. We took two already fabulous products and mixed them together to make a third equally fabulous one. On one hand you have our iconic retro prints, the perfect way to preserve your memories in print; on the other hand you have an amazing adornment. By combining the two we have created a magnet which looks exactly like a photo from an instant camera to stick wherever you please. The result? A product fit for connoisseurs (if you know the story behind our magnets then you know what we mean) and vintage fans alike. Of course they are just as awesome as the other ones and they only take a few minutes to order. Choose 12 photos and transform them into magnets. These are slightly larger than our other magnets (8,2×6,8cm) and there is even space under the photo for your own cute wording. They are so strong they will hold two sheets of paper in place on any metallic surface.

Details of the product

How sticky of them!
  • Set of 12 magnets
  • Size of 1 magnet : 8,2×6,8cm
  • 1 magnet can hold up to 2 paper sheet
  • You can add a border color
  • You can add a text under your photo
I was looking for Retro prints and magnets and I found these Retro magnets ahah! So happy to have my friends on my fridge!
September 2016