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Are your walls crying out for a bit of decoration? Do you like things to be well organised? Our glorious posters are made for you! Choose 1to 35 photos, arrange them however you like on a size of your choice (40x60cm, 50x70cm or 70x100cm) and create a personalised poster online with your (well organised) photo prints, then we will ship it to your doorstep in a record time. It's art at home!
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The photo poster story

Do you remember the posters you had on your wall when you were a teenager? Antoine had a poster with the famous quote from beginning of Trainspotting on it, Mathieu had a poster of Ska-P and Juliette had two big Madonna posters. These pictures were really important to you when you were fifteen. And looking back at life is just as fun - your family, friends, holidays and other cherished moments are just as important as Madonna was when you were younger. We wanted you to be able to display your memories in a similar way. So now, along with those two Madonna posters (yep, she still has them), Juliette also has a big poster with pictures of every member of her beautiful family on it, proudly shown off in her lounge. Printing your photos on a poster is just a way to enjoy life and remember the good moments. Be careful though: everybody that passes before your photo poster is going to stop and ask: where was this? Who is this? It's a great collage that is sure to attract much attention. Because that's what printing does, it gets people together to talk!

Details of the product

• Holds 1 to 35 photos
• Multiple templates to choose from
• 3 Sizes to choose from: 40×60cm, 50×70cm or 70×100cm
• Ability to add a white, black or wooden frame
• Premium glossy paper
• Delivered in special tube packaging to protect it during transport
• deal photo gift at a great price
• Made in France with love
Thanks to you, I have all my friends on my wall. I need a new poster with my family now :)
October 2016