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    Plexiglass print

    Plexiglass print

    6 formats of plexiglass print: square, portrait or landscape to show off your photos and pimp your decor.

    🕺 Plexiglass for timeless class 🖐 6 sizes available : 20×30cm, 30×45cm, 40×40cm, 40×60cm, 50×75cm and 60x90cm
    💌 Fast delivery, all wrapped up in protective packaging
    🇪🇺 Printed in Europe
    ✨ Printing makes colours extra vibrant, perfect for holiday and landscape photos
    20 x 30 cm30 x 45 cm40 x 40 cm40 x 60 cm50 x 75 cm60 x 90 cm
    Plexiglass print€29.90€39.90€49.90€64.90€89.90€134.90
    Delivery: Standard from €8.90, Express not available

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    Delivered at the earliest in 10 working days.

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    Plexiglass Prints? Erm... care to explain?

    In terms of our wall decor, we already have photo frames (lots), aluminium prints (a few of those as well), photo prints (everywhere) and canvas prints (what, you think it's a bit over the top?). And recently, we added our new plexiglass prints into the mix: photos printed directly on plexiglass, available in 6 different styles, for a glossy rendering with extra intense colour.

    And how did we come to make plexiglass prints? Well now that you ask...

    When we create a new product at Cheerz, we like to ask a lot of questions: we want to know whether you'll like it, what your expectations might be, the type of photos you'd like to print on it, if it's for you or to give as a gift, your favourite style of printing... In short, we ask lots of questions so that we can create a product for and with you, that really meets your expectations and creates a great interior style statement.

    But when we asked you about plexiglass prints, your reactions went something like this: "Huh?" "Come again?" "Plexiglass? Who's she?" and finally "Ohhhhh, now I get it."

    We thought about it long and hard, and we decided we wanted to take on the challenge of introducing you and your decor to this super modern style of printing, by creating our own plexiglass print range! 5 different sizes to arrange, mix, match and hang to your heart's content. Because choosing plexiglass means choosing home decor that is sleek, vibrant and showcases your favourite memories. Want to make it stand out even more? Combine with framed photos and canvases for wall decoration that truly takes your breath away.

    Tell me everything:

    Formats and materials:
    • Printing on plexiglass plate
    • Glossy finish
    • 6 different sizes available: 20×30cm, 30×45cm, 40×40cm, 40×60cm, 50×75cm and 60x90cm
    • For standing on your desk or hanging on your wall
    • Fast delivery, protective
    • Printing that enhances your finest photos of landscapes and creates depth
    • Delivered with care (and super fast)
    All our products are printed in Europe in our factory.