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    Couple's photo album

    Couple's photo album

    The day you met, your first selfies, your first dinner, that trip you took together last May... you have so many stories to tell, and so many photos to share! This year, on February 14th, the sharing begins. Select up to 480 photos, organise them, add notes, edit them, shape them to your liking and tell your story through a completely personalised photo book. It's the story of your love!
    Couple's photo album €29.90
    Delivery: Standard from €9.90, Express from €12.00

    with love

    Delivered at the earliest in 8 working days
    or 6 days on Express!

    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
    satisfied with their order!

    The story of the photo book full of love:

    Get down on one knee. Make a copy of your keys. Send a cute text message. Write a lovely message on a post-it note. Deliver flowers for no reason. Take selfies, post selfies, learn their phone number by heart...

    There are so many ways to say that we love each other. But the one we love most of all is this: to tell the story of our love.

    It all begins with loads of photos and a few messages that, when organised, edited, carefully selected and placed with love, create a beautiful photo book. It's unique, it's personalised, and it's made to say "I love you" as they flick through it lovingly. Like on Valentine's Day (hint, hint)!

    The details:

    • Loads of formats to choose from
    • From 24 to 120 pages
    • 1 to 8 photos per page
    • Up to 480 photos
    • Customised hardcover
    • Classic of flat opening
    • High definition photo printing on premium paper
    • Possibility to autofill
    • Ideal for Valentine's Day!