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    Premium Photo Album - Layflat-opening pages

    Premium Photo Album - Layflat-opening pages

    It's the creme de la creme of the photo albums, with a hardcover and interior pages that open completely flat (layflat) to display your photos in their best light. Printed on beautiful, high-quality photo paper, it's perfect for your most beautiful photographed moments! ❤️
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    The history of our photo album - and how it became the best!

    This year, Maxime decided to ask his gorgeous girlfriend for her hand in marriage... and he wanted to do something super original to surprise her. His idea was to use a photo album that told the story of their love - but there was nothing out there that quite captured the sentiment he was after. He wanted a perfect photo album that did not cut the pictures in half in the middle, and one that would last forever. And that's how we decided to create the Premium Photo Album. With a thick, hardcover and "layflat" opeing pages, high quality photo paper and the best printing possible, Maxime says it's an album he'll have for generations to come... and by the way, she said yes!

    The details of the Best Photo Album

    • Hardcover
    • Pages open flat to 180° (layflat) to enjoy your memories without a break!
    • 4 formats to choose from: square (20×20cm or 28×28cm), landscape (28×22cm) or portrait (20×25cm)
    • High quality printing
    • Premium photo paper (Invercote 180g)
    • Option to use Felix Schoeller 180g photo paper
    • From 12 to 240 photos
    • Up to 60 pages
    • Life guarantee, super strong PUR® Glue for your photo albums to be passed from generation to generation
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