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    Photo books

    Photo books

    Create a stunning photo book online to keep all of your favourite memories alive (20×25cm)

    From $46.00

    Tell your story in a personalised photo book and keep all those great moments in life forever. Wedding, holidays, births, anniversaries, honeymoons… You took dozens of photos during these special moments, and now it’s time to make that count. Create your photo album in 30 minutes tops. Select your best photos and use our online interface to simply arrange them into your photo book. Personalise your book’s cover with our great design offer and the internal pages inside in just a few clicks High quality photo paper with layflat-opening pages. From 24 to 58 pages, your book can contain up to 150 photos. Your family and friends will love looking through your photo book… but they’ll love receiving one as a gift even more. :)


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    The Story of our photo book

    Creating a photo book online has proven to be more than complex. You need to choose your photos, sort them out, upload them on a website... Then you have to organise them, sometimes using software that you first need to download. Everybody loves going through a photo book, but nobody likes to make them. So we wanted to create an easy solution for you online - where you’ll enjoy making your photo book as much as you will turning the pages once you have it in your hands. We were working on this project for five months. Because sometimes it’s complex to make things simple :) But hey, we succeeded in our mission! And this is the story of our photo book. It’s not the most glamorous or in-depth story we have about our products, but it really was that simple: there was demand for it, so we developed and designed it. It's art, made by yourself :) Enjoy and please do give us your feedback, as we’d love to know what you think. This product is rated 9.2/10 on our Cheerz shop, and it’s something that we’re very proud of. Feel free to take a photo of your photo book (#photoception) and share it with us on Instagram - after all, that’s why we keep improving our products again and again - so we can see what you do with them.

    Product details:

    • Hard cover
    • Size: 20×25cm
    • From 24 to 58 pages
    • Layflat-opening pages
    • High quality photo paper Invercote
    • Add text to annotate your family occasion, wedding, birthday, holidays, honeymoon or weekend photos
    Create my photo book
    Product satisfaction: 9.1/10
    (23154 reviews collected from a DidUEnjoy survey)
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