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Baby’s Photo Album

Baby’s Photo Album

Create a gorgeous photo album with your child’s baby photos. Potrait format (20×25cm)

From $47.00

Like most parents, we’re guessing you took loads of photos when your child was born! Keep those precious moments in a photo album to treasure forever and enjoy throughout the years. Easy to create - simply arrange your photos online on the website to replicate the life of your child. Get your baby's photos in your hands, storage online is boring :) From those special pregnancy moments, all the way up until the baby arrived, simply drag and drop your photos onto the pages of your album and tell your baby’s story in a high-quality photo album that they’ll love to look through in years to come. Choose our special baby theme as a cover and find a colour you like - perhaps pink for girls, blue for boys, or whatever you fancy! #movingwiththetimes. SLip-in some texts and tell the story of your baby. From 24 to 58 layflat pages to allow the book to easily lay open, your photo album can hold up to 150 photos. Welcome to the world, baby!


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The Story

Cheerz was created in 2011 - more than five years ago now, crazy! Now all grown up, it’s not a baby anymore, and we’ve recruited loads of employees, including Maxime. In 2015, our dear Max and his wife had their own baby, which was the first of many amongst the Cheerz employees. We thought it would be a lovely idea to cherish these happy moments in our extended family forever, so we created a very special photo album, just for babies. Well, for parents to make for their babies. It’s not kitschy, and it’s not cheesy… it’s just a lovely, classic design that’s ready for you to personalise with a photo and your choice of colour. So now you can easily create your own photo album on an intuitive interface, and then have it shipped home in just a few days, ready for you to open and enjoy forever. :) Shop online on Cheerz, edit your baby book and make great gifts to happy parents and grand parents to welcome the new born. Ideal Christmas present, better than bags and jewelry, this album is about emotion. Contact us if you need help, want to know more about our site or our baby book, or if you want us to view how cute baby is send us a photo: hello@cheerz.com.

Baby photo album details:

  • Hardcover
  • Size: 20×25cm
  • From 24 to 58 pages
  • Layflat-opening pages
  • High quality photo paper
  • Add text to annotate your baby’s photos
  • A fabulous and personal baby present
  • Low price but top quality printing
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