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    Memory Box: Baby Edition

    Memory Box: Baby Edition

    The ultimate gift for new parents!

    From $55.00

    Credit of 100 or 300 photo prints to order in whichever format: retro (8×10cm), square (10×10cm) or classic (10×15cm) whenever you want during one year to fill your box. The Memory Box baby is the great baby gift parents have been dreaming of. Design and handy, this souvenir box is to be filled throughout time during the baby's first year. The first feeding bottle, baby sleeping, his first tooth, his little feet, the last pregnancy moments, first visit to maternity, the first month, your baby is the world to you! All of baby's photos are there, this cute box contains 12 dividers to sort your pictures month by month. Even though parents are heroes, we know that time flies and the baby is growing up too quickcly. That's why this box is the ideal baby gift for all mums and dads around who want to print their kid's photos whenever they want, sweet dreams!

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    The story of the baby gift box:

    Between nappies, bottle feeders, first tooth, games played, 1st birthday, Max accumulated so many photos of Romy his first child and with no time to sort them or keep them all nicely in a special place. Lost in a shoe box on which was written "Romy 1st year" photos were getting lost and never looked up on. That's how this cute baby box for newborn got started. The first big photo box for little ones, suited for baby boys and baby girls, you get the box first and then you fill it up as time passes with the credit you have: 100 or 300 photos. Everything is included : Box, then Photos and Deliveries. That's how the cute Romy Box is getting filled up with family photos, birth pics, her funny laugh, her little eyes blinking, her birth announcement cards, photos of dad and mum and her 1st birthday. Everything is there, preciously kept.

    Details of this cute baby box:

    • Choose a credit of 100 or 300 prints
    • Your credit is available for 1 year: order your photos when you want, all year long!
    • Adorable souvenir Box, 12 dividers included inside
    • Fill it with retro prints (8×10cm), square prints (10×10cm) or classic prints (11×15cm)
    • No additional delivery costs when ordering your photos, minimum of 30 prints per order
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    Wonderful! Amazing box! I filled it up with my baby son's photos and will keep it forever. Love it and will definitely recommend xx
    February 2017
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