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Square photo magnets

Square photo magnets

Photo magnets (a favourite of Cheerz): create lovely personalised magnets (6x6cm)

From $14

Pack of 9 personalised photo magnets to stick your favourite memories on the fridge, tea tin, iron man ..anything magnetic! A square magnetic photo (6×6cm), your photos are printed on real photo print paper to ensure you have the highest quality and best photo magnet. The magnets are delivered in a really cute box, an ideal gift for someone special 😍 We can guarantee that no one will be able to pass your fridge without stopping!


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Delivered in 4 working days
or 1 day in Express!


Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
satisfied with their order!

A little story

The idea of creating these pretty square magnets came when one morning Charlotte was eating her breakfast at her kitchen table and realised how boring it was to look directly at her fridge and old packets of cereal. Charlotte then thought it would be a great idea to kick-start the morning looking at photos of the people that she cared about most, as well as her holiday memories and best times with her friends, instead of her cereal packets. So, LIGHTBULB moment ..the idea of square photo magnets was born! And we all know how much time we spend in the kitchen, whether it's with friends or family, or just when you're having a midnight feast - so it's a great opportunity to remember your best moments on holiday with friends, at family weddings or winter weekends away!

Product details

• Pack of 9 magnets
• Size of one magnet : 6.2×6.2cm
• One magnet can hold up to 2 pieces of paper
• Delivered in a super cute box
• Silver printing laminated on a magnetic surface. Glossy surface protection.
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Excellent magnets in a surprisingly short time. Superb.
October 2016
Product satisfaction: 9.2/10
(23154 feedbacks collected from a DidUEnjoy survey)