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    Mother's Day Hexagonal Magnets

    Mother's Day Hexagonal Magnets

    An original gift, personalised for Mother's Day, at a low price to stick (almost) anywhere!

    ✨ Set of 7 hexagonal magnets 6,2 x 7,2 cm + 1 bonus magnet (it's on us 🎁)
    📸 An easily personalised present (photos, filters)
    🖊 Option to add a little note: emotion upon reception guaranteed
    🇪🇺 Analogue photo printing in Europe
    🌸 Special edition for Mother's Day (for original gift ideas)

    PS : Another huge thanks to the super-mums in these photos, our clients, our colleagues who contributed to this project and who were generous enough to share their stories with us! ❤️
    Mother's Day Hexagonal Magnets€15.00
    Delivery: Standard from €8.90, Express from €12.00

    with love

    Delivered at the earliest in 11 working days
    or 4 days on Express!

    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
    satisfied with their order!

    Magnets that cling the way we do to our mum:

    Ahhh mums... this year, as we were creating this collection, we thought: why not get it straight from the source this Mother's Day? With the help of a social media casting call, we brought together a group of mums, mums-to-be, and grandmothers, to ask them questions, get to know them and have a Mother's Day shoot while we're at it. A moment in time, full of love and laughter between mother and child, that reminded us, after the year we've all had, that despite any differences, one thing all mums have in common is they can't resist a photo gift for Mother's Day. With their smartphones and cameras in their purses, our mothers have stayed ready to immortalise any moment they deem worthy. Back in the day, it was you and your babyface on the beach, your family photos, your milk teeth, the holidays, the first birthday party... Nowadays, it's more so selfies with partners, children, their silly faces and all the moments you've spent together. Given aaallll of these photos of our mums, our kids, and of our children, it's only fair that we return the favor and suprise her this Mother's Day by printing all these precious moments as magnets. Because trust us, she'll adore you for this gift. Young mum, or exprienced mum, mum-to-be or mum-that's-been: all of them stop to stare longingly at the hexagonal magnets, a gift format that's original, creative and practical. And if you didn't knopw : our cute little magnets are printed in our European workshop, on premium Fujifilm analogue photo paper (the best on the market for our mums of course), that stick everywhere: on the sides of the oven, just as the fridge - can equally be used to hold up to-do lists, grocery lists and any other little notes.

    Delivered in their pretty little box with a little bonus magnet just for Mother's Day, it's the ideal gift for a quick trip down memory lane.

    The Minutia of the Mother's Day Magnets:

    A set of 7 + 1 hexagonal magnets :
    • Magnet dimensions : 6.2 × 7.2 cm
    • Option to personalize your gift with an original little note for Mother's Day
    • Each magnet can hold up to 2 papers
    • Sticks go all metal surfaces
    • Recommended by mums ;)

    All our products are created and printed in our factory in Europe 🇪🇺