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    Gold Fat Box

    Gold Fat Box

    From €32.00
    The Gold Fat Box is an ultra-limited edition version of our Big Fat Box, just for our extra special customers. Like its big sister, it was designed to hold ALL of your photos! There are only 1000 in the world and each one has its own unique number. “Rarity is the intelligence of the heart.” Paul Géraldy
    Gold Fat Box€32.00
    Delivery: Standard from €9.90, Express from €12.00
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    The Story

    We have two problems at Cheerz: we really like precious metals and we tend to have slightly eccentric ideas. For example, one day we wanted to make a gold box so that you could buy your prints from us and be sure that your memories hold their value. To our great disappointment we soon realized that a gold box would be really expensive and really heavy. And as we are #TeamSolidGold there was no way we were going gold plated. Luckily, David, our box specialist came up with a solution. He designed a little machine which would apply hot stamping all over the Big Fat Box, giving it the shine of a thousand suns! To make our Gold Fat Box even more special we decided to only make 1000 and give each one a unique number (from 1 to 1000).

    Details of the product

    Your prints will be developed on top-quality Fujifilm photo paper and you can choose to have them in retro or square style. Way to gold!
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