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Photo Album: Christmas Edition

Photo Album: Christmas Edition

The best present underneath your tree

From $46.00

This Christmas Photo Album is something special. There's the fancy cover of course, but it's not just that. This album contains all of the memories - the smiles, the holidays and the good times - along with little notes from the year that was. It's a personal and fully customisable gift to give and enjoy together as you look through the pages. Creatable in just half an hour on the easy-to-use app or website, you can add up to 150 photos, which will then be printed on premium quality photo paper. One thing is for sure... this is finally a gift that is guaranteed to make someone smile this Christmas!


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The story behind it...

Christmas means family reunions. And family reunions means learning a bit more about where you come from. Because your families tell stories that they have passed down for generations... and it's a bit like the Cheerz Photo Album, but with your smartphone photos. All of those little memories, like Sophie's first steps or Nathan's first day at school. - they can all be kept inside the album forever. So at Cheerz, we decided to do something special with Christmas in mind, and create a special Christmas Album with your memories printed beautifully on photo quality paper, ready for you to gift and enjoy.

Product details

A classic with a Christmas twist:
  • Format: 20x25cm (fitting perfectly on the shelf)
  • 24 to 48 pages (easy to read)
  • 1 to 8 photos per page
  • Up to 150 photos (great for large families or keen photographers)
  • Hardcover (so even little hands won't tear it)
  • Layflat-opening (so you don't have to hold back the pages)
  • Premium quality photo paper (because we don't mess around)
  • Plus 11 colours and 8 themes to choose from!
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This album is amazing: pictures, price, cover... can't wait to place a new order :)
November 2016