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Square Magnets: Christmas Edition

Square Magnets: Christmas Edition

9 square magnets (6x6cm) to stick everywhere!

From $14.00

This year, I'm giving you my favourite 2016 memories". The kind of memories that stick in your brain... and to your fridge! Nine of your favourite photos printed on magnetc photographic paper, to stick around and enjoy all the time. Packaged in a cute little box, they're the ideal gift underneath the tree!

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The story beind the Christmas Magnets

Rob always prided himself as being the greatest gift-giver in his family... but after visiting home a few months ago, he noticed that all of the gifts he'd given his family last Christmas were no longer to be seen. All of that time and thought, and for what? So Rob had the idea of a gift that not only would his family use, but would stick around... Christmas photo magnets! He chose his favourite nine photos from the year that had been, and had them printed as perfect little magnets squares, packaged up beautifully in a box, ready to slip underneath the tree. It was too easy!

Product details

As addictive as a chocolate advent calendar:
  • Set of 9 magnets
  • Square format (6.2x6.2cm)
  • Premium quality print
  • Strong hold (one magnet can hold up to two sheets of paper)
  • Versatile (they stick to anything metal - not just the fridge!)
  • Delivered in a cute little Christmas box
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Cheerz is great! My magnets are great! Love them, thanks guys!
November 2016
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