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    Classic Grrrr Cheerz Box

    Classic Grrrr Cheerz Box

    From $18.00
    A panoramic sunset, an extended family photo, your last holiday...
    Your favourite landscape and portrait memories will be ideal for the Classic Cheerz Box!
    😻   30 to 45 personalised photos in the classic style (11x15cm)
    🇫🇷   Printed with love from Paris on premium quality paper
    💌  Delivered in just a few days in a wild-looking box
    Classic Grrrr Cheerz Box$18.00
    Tracked delivery
    Standard shipping (4 days)
    Express shipping (3 days)

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    with love


    Delivered in 4 working days
    or 3 days on Express!


    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
    satisfied with their order!

    Your super memories in the Classic Cheerz Box

    What better way to keep the most super of your memories than in the Classic Cheerz Box!? This fabulously large box allows you to keep your most beautiful memories in an 11×15cm format. It's Superman and Super Mario together - perfect for photos of breathtaking landscapes and portraits of people you love! And bonus - the wild leopard-print style will also awaken your wild side. Grrrr!

    The Classic Cheerz Box is ideal for your super memories on Classic Prints... don't you think? 👍

    All about your Classic Cheerz Box

    • 30 to 45 personalised classic prints
    • Size of a classic print: 15.2×11.4cm
    • Delivered in a colourful Cheerz Box
    • Size of the box: 16×12cm
    • Premium quality Fujifilm photo paper

    All our products are printed at our factory in France  🇫🇷
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