Cheerz Box

$18(Delivery: $9.00)

Say hello to the famous Cheerz Box! Receive your favourite photos in retro style, printed on premium photo quality paper, all in a cute little box. Choose 30-45 of your favourite photos from your phone, Instagram and Facebook and receive them in your favourite box design.

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At your door between
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How it works:

1. 30-45 photos
2. Customise photos with borders, filters and cropping
3. Add some lovely words
4. Choose your favourite Cheerz Box design

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Cheerz Factory
Cheerz Box Model 1.2.1 / 2015
Strictly confidential



We print all photos on premium Fujifilm photo paper.

Personalise your Prints by choosing border colours, cropping the images, adding filters or adding lovely little messages to the bottom. If it’s a gift, accompany your box with a little note!

Your photos will be printed in our retro 3x4” (8x10cm) format. With a thick white border, it will remind you of the traditional instant photos that we all knew and loved.

All of our Cheerz Boxes are made in France, from where they will be printed and shipped to you in the next day or so. Cheerz Boxes are shipped with a tracking number (which we’ll send to you via email) to help you follow their progress.