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Say hello to the famous Cheerz Box! Receive your favourite photos in retro style, printed on premium photo quality paper, all in a cute little box. Choose 30-45 of your favourite photos from your phone, Instagram and Facebook and receive them in your favourite box design.

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QuoteCheerz is the best! The quality of the prints is perfect. It's the perfect gift.
— MarieQuote

Cheerz Factory

Cheerz Box Model 1.2.1 / 2014
Strictly confidential

What's included?

  • 30 or 45 of your personalised photos
  • A lovely box that's just the right size
  • Total weight: 200g
  • A little note with space for a lovely message
  • Available: Chic Peas or Big Stripes
Vector pen

Average creation time:
10 to 20 minutes

Vector swatch

Most popular colour:

Vector adhesive

Other tools needed:
Or Sellotape

Vector heart

Made with love
A smile for photos