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    The Thought that Counts

    The Thought that Counts

    "The Thought that Counts is a card with a photo and a few words to send to your loved ones to say ""thank you for last weekend"", ""thinking of you"", ""congrats"" or ""I love you"" for all occasions.
    ❤️ Two-sided customisable card
    ✨ Several templates available to illustrate your photo
    💌 Thought that Counts can be sent worldwide
    😿 Guaranteed emotion upon reception

    Please note: you can only enter one delivery address per order. Make sure that the one you entered is the one you want to send your Thought that Counts to. If you'd like to send one to multiple recipients, you will have to place another order. "
    The Thought that Counts€3.50
    Delivery: Standard from €7.95, Express from €12.00

    with love

    Delivered at the earliest in 8 working days
    or 2 days on Express!

    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
    satisfied with their order!

    The thoughtful story of the Thought That Counts:

    In April of 2020, a month into lockdown and in the middle of a team meeting, Antoine, the co-founder of Cheerz dared to ask "what if we created a new product?". Right, so, we have to admit, at the beginning we found it a little crazy, somewhat inappropriate and complicated to do working from home. But then, we talked about it. Antoine had in mind a very simple product: a photo with a little note that we could send as a little gift to our loved ones in lockdown far away to let them know we're thinking of them. A way of keeping contact with and community for those of us who went into lockdown alone. So, we had to make a product that was simple and took seconds to create but that would still be a heart warming surprise to the recipient. And that's how the first Thought that Counts came to be.
    After being very warmly welcomed by more than 20 000 of you during the lockdown, we've decided to bring it back, by popular demand, but this time, with a new look and feel: a Thought that Counts to send whenever, to say "I love you", "I miss you", "I've got something to tell you", "thank you for this weekend", "happy birthday", "thinking of you", "congratulations", or simply, "look, I found this photo in my phone".
    And with that, voila! We hope you like the new Thought that Counts: brand new, full of colour, and fully customisable, to send to your loved ones or to order in batches. A Thought That Counts to send whenever, to announce an event, to share a smile, to motivate oneself, to say thanks in retrospect, because someone's on our mind, or becasue we're on vacation. A Thought That Counts to make a habit of, to put a smile on our loved ones faces, and to rival the has-been that is the postcard.

    The Thoughtful details of the Thought that Counts:

    Format and materials :
    • Two-sided card printing on textured card paper, 280g
    • Option to add envelope
    • 7 templates of photo prints available, of which 1 customisable
    • Option to add a filter to the photos
    • Format of the card: 10x14cm

    • All our products are printed in Europe in our factory 🇪🇺