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    Annual Calendar 2022

    Annual Calendar 2022

    At the speed of light (well, almost), this annual calendar for 2022 is ready in 3 minutes, tops and is available in new colours! Yep, it's the easiest calendar to create since the beginning of time. Get it for yourself or for a loved one, go!

    📷 Customizable with 1 to 4 photos
    ✨ 30 x 45 cm portrait or landscape
    🖊 Possibility to add text or colours
    🇪🇺 Printed in Europe on high quality paper at the Cheerz Factory
    Annual Calendar 2022€9.90
    Delivery: Standard from €8.90, Express from €12.00

    with love

    Delivered at the earliest in 10 working days
    or 9 days on Express!

    Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
    satisfied with their order!

    Tell me everything:

    Hint number 1: I'm simple. Hint number 2: I'm quick. Hint number 3: I'm practical. Bonus hint: I'm indespensable every year. Guess who. The one page calendar, of course! A calendar that's simple to create, super practical, very affordable, and a great gift for friends and family, or for onself! Made for you, or rather, for your walls, to keep you company and to keep you organized all year long. It's the simplest customized calendar to create since the beginning of time, if we do say so ourselves. All you need is 1 to 4 photos, a little note to illustrate them, 1 click and there you have it! And if it's for family or friends, all you've got left to do is duplicate it to share in reliving your most memorable moments for the year ahead.


    General characteristics:
    • One page photo calendar
    • Size:30 x 45 cm
    • Portrait or lanscape layout
    • Available in 4 languages : French, English, Spanish or Italian

    Customising and printing:
    • Customising from 1 to 4 photos of your choice
    • Possibility to add text
    • High quality printing
    • Choice of colours and designs

    All of our products are printed in Europe in our factory 🇪🇺