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Big Prints

Big Prints

Big retro-style prints (15×12cm)


Big Prints take all of that love in your heart to help you stick it all in on the wall. Available in sets of 10 or 20, they're a great way to see the bigger picture! Matte finish.


with love


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or 1 day in Express!


Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
satisfied with their order!

The Big Prints Story

Our Big Prints are just like their older brothers (who are actually smaller) - you can print your photos in retro style, they are developed on the same top quality photo paper and you still get to keep your favourite memories close to hand forever. The only difference is that these prints are one and a half times larger. After all, the moments that occupy a place in your heart should be shown off in the most appropriate size possible! A while ago we invited two friends to visit our new office. We showed them our large meeting room where there’s a wall covered in photo prints. They innocently asked us if we made any larger ones. At first we were a little stand offish, but we couldn’t think of a reason not to make larger prints. Evidently we didn’t ponder on it for too long. The following Monday we had made up our minds. We needed to make bigger prints.

Details of the product

Big souvenirs, Big Prints!
  • 10 photos or more
  • 15×12cm
  • Add a border color if you want
  • Add a text under your photo if you want
  • High quality photo paper with Matte finish
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Our collection of Cheerz prints is growing and people always comment on them :)
November 2016
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