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    Big Fat Box

    Big Fat Box

    The ideal photo box to help you remember a whole summer, a very (very) long trip, a YEAR of memories or for those who like to capture EVERYTHING. A pretty blue box with our best smile on the side. People who love their photos deserve a photo box that loves their photos back.

    • 70 to 250 photos in the format of your choice: retro (8×10cm) or square (10×10cm)
    • Super simple customisation (filters, text, outline colour)
    • Printed in Europe on premium analogue paper
    • Delivered fast directly to your mailbox
      8x10 cm retro10x10cm square
      Big Fat Box€29.90€29.90
      Delivery: Standard from €9.90, Express from €12.00

      with love

      Delivered at the earliest in 8 working days
      or 1 day on Express!

      Already 600 000 Cheerzers are
      satisfied with their order!

      The little story of the Big Fat Box

      All stories, big and small, are worth telling. To create our Big Fat Box, we started with an observation: what do you do when you have too many photos to print? We calculated: between all our team members' phones, we've got a total of 54818 photos (no we do not have a problem). So of course, we've already printed a bunch of them. But we're still a long way off. And just think how many classic Cheerz Boxes it would take to print that many (we counted: 1218)!

      We thought it would be nice to create a HUGE photo box (in all caps 'cause it's a big deal) that lets you store up to 250 photos. And so the Big Fat Box was born, a smiley,big, beautiful, blue photo box that we love to collect and proudly display on our shelves.

      The little details of our HUGE photo box

      For those of us who get the bigger picture:
      • A big fat photo box (12cm sides)
      • Between 70 and 250 photos
      • Formats to choose: retro prints (8×10cm) or square (10×10cm)
      • Printed on premium Fujifilm paper