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Arthur & MauriceOur printing heroes

We might have mentioned before that your photos are printed and packaged just across the English Channel in Paris. But did we ever tell you about Arthur and Maurice, our printing chums who do all the hard work?

We thought you might be interested to learn more about these guys and the two sides of production at Cheerz - one that prints your photos with gelatin silver printing, and one in digital!

ARTHUR is the main man at our Gelatin Silver Printing Factory

We met Arthur at the very beginning of the Cheerz adventure - we go way back! In those days, Arhur had only just taken over his dad's printing studio, where they'd been working on a much smaller scale, developing photos for individual people. But today, Arthur and his team are dedicated to printing Cheerz' smiles. In his large studio just outside of Paris, he prints what we call "Gelatin Silver Prints" - so all of the prints in your Cheerz Boxes, your DIY Photo Albums - as well as magnets and more.

MAURICE the head of our Digital Factory

An expert of paper, inks, printing, you name it, Maurice is a good man to have on our side. A former fashion photographer with more than 20 years of experience, he knows pretty much everyone who's anyone in the trade, and there's not a lot about printing that he doesn't know. He helps us to think outside the box when it comes to new printing techniques and formats, and he had a big hand in the evolution of our photo albums. In fact, Maurice loves photography and printing so much that he even met his wife on a photo shoot!