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Cheerz + Polaroid

Discover the story behind the collaboration.
Hint: this may or may not include teleportation!

Thank you Polaroid

Cheerz would probably not exist without Polaroid. They're one of the brands that inspired us most to do what we do today. When we embarked on the adventure of photo printing, we wanted you to find the pleasure and simplicity associated with the instant development of your photos. To allow you to get your prints as quickly and as simply as possible, to keep them with you forever. To turn a memory into a tangible object that becomes more valuable as time goes on. And this is exactly what we try to do every day with your photos.

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Dancing queen
« Reviving the legendary Polaroid instant print »

Long live the Polaroid print

In 2008, we were saddened to learn that Polaroid would make instant photos no longer. And so a few years later, we were brave enough to go see them with a proposal: to revive the legendary Polaroid instant print by launching a new colloboration product. And immediately, they said yes! We'll let you guess what our reaction was when they accepted. ;)

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« The prints are finished to give your photos the shine they deserve »

Stop, collaborate and listen!

A few months ago, we went to meet Polaroid with a very special idea in mind: to give life back to the legendary Polaroid print by launching a brand new product. What we really wanted was something similar to the original product, with the iconic thick and shiny paper with an embossed effect. We even created a special “Polaroid” filter so your photos would have that same feeling. But on top of that, we wanted a product that resembled us and who we are. So we chose a square format for the prints, with a collection of six different colours for the reverse side. They’re bright and colourful (just like us).

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« Remember the Polaroid cameras? Now imagine that your phone can do just the same. »

Remember immediately

Remember the Polaroid cameras... and now imagine that your phone can do the same. All of your favourite photos, those great little moments in life that make it fun, can now be held in your hands for you to touch, feel, cherish, store or proudly show off. And no longer do you have to wait long to have them after taking them... okay, they might not be instant, but we can assue you that we're using the speediest delivery services until teleportation becomes available. ;)

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