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Like crazy

A (crazy) album created in limited edition with the queen of kisses and fantastic illustrator Mathilde Cabanas, a Very Little Box you can put your memories in big and small, a photo on canvas for the lovers (of decor) and heart magnets for that special someone... Here's our Valentine's Day collection to day "I love you", "thank you for spending this year with me", "I knew we could put up with each other", "we still need a bigger space", "here's to game night" or even ""us two, our family, everything we've built together : I love that like crazy".

Crazy love is beautiful

That's what Beyoncé sings. You know it? Of course you do (we're not sponsored). But it's true : crazy love is beautiful. But what even is it? At Cheerz we think crazy love is saying ""yes"" to forever, it's falling for one another, it's getting a loan for the next 30 years together, it's having kids, it's locking down together, it's to believe in it, it's taking ugly selfies, it's finding them beautiful even first thing in the morning, it's listening to the music they want in a traffic jam, it's giving a Valentine's gift even after years, it's thinking this is such a commercial holiday "but still, we could maybe do a little something for it?"...
There, that's more or less what we were thinking of when we were planning our Valentine's campaign and when we contacted Mathilde Cabanas to design the limited edition Valentine's Day album with us. We won't add much to this paragraph but if you recognise yourself in any of these sentences...go for it! It's the crazy things we regret not doing, you'll never regret showing your partner you love them, especially after this crazy year we've had.