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Summer memories

The back to school season is here and that got us thinking about going back. So this year, we're retracing our steps, we're taking our smartphones and diving back into our memories just like we dived into that 34 degree water in the pool. This September, we'll sort out our holiday photos, create albums, send Thoughts that Count and order our new photo decor to give our walls a refresh, so that we're sure not to forget this unusual summer and we're ready to start the next chapter. On your marks, get set, go!

The back to school season is here

On the back to school agenda this year: we're having a rethink. Starting with our home office space, we're looking to make it practical yet pretty, and that means reorganising our paperwork for school, work, home and everything in between. We reckon we'll be sending a fair bit of time in there, so adding some pretty photo decor will make all the difference.
And why stop with your home office? This year, it's decided: it's interior makeover time! Living room, kitchen, bedrooms... So many places that have seen you through July and August and that you're looking forward to redesigning and reimagining for the new school year.
Canvases? Photo frames? Plexiglass prints? Let your imagination run wild and make your holiday photos into true works of art. Who says that back to school is just for kids? September is THE month for a refresh and bringing something new to your interior style.
Print photos of your summer, send Thoughts that Count to your loved ones, redecorate your rooms and you'll be top of the class for the start of the school year.