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Our commitments

We don't know about you but at Cheerz, we wanted to do more. Because printing your smiles is pretty cool, but making you smile is even better. So we've decided to commit ourselves to supporting, acting, contributing, helping...well basically being useful to you and those who need it, and the planet - who needs it too! So what can we do as a business? What actions can we engage in? How can we do better, consume less and give more? Well, we'll tell you

For people : we've launched a campaign of actions and engagements to give, or bring back, a smile to those who need it the most. The aim? Put a spotlight on charities that mean a lot to us and working side by side with them to make their work go further.
For this we've put in place The Day for Smiles, a day of solidarity we've put in place every two months. On this day we'll give 10% of our sales directly to a charity such as Tout le monde contre le cancer or Le rire médecin.

More green : we've given ourself the objective to have our products FSC® certified. It's a certification that guarantees to consumers that the product comes from responsibly managed forests, and takes into account the needs of current and future generations. More concretely, our photo albums have already been certified 70% Mix FSC and we've redesigned our packaging to that it's almost entirely 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.
In terms of our carbon footprint, we are offsetting emissions thanks to the Climate Partner process. This organisation ensures that we can print photos in a climate neutral way, by supporting projects like the protection of habitats, like planting trees in Peru. As such, we can officially say we are a carbon neutral company, as we offset 100% of our emmissions through this programme.

Find out more, to discover our actions in detail :
🌳 Our FSC® certification