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Memory Box: a lovely box of photo souvenirs

The Memory Box is the 2.0 version of that old box of memories you kept under your bed containing love letters from high school, friendship bracelets and more. You'll find a code in the box that lets you order your photos (100 or 300 prints) for up to one year on the site or the app.

The box of your best memories

Don't store your most beautiful photos in an ugly old shoe box... keep them in a Cheerz Memory Box, a beautiful box holding your photos from the entire year! Clear out some of your phone's memory and print your memories to keep forever in this gorgeous keepsake. Imagine in 20 years' time when you find it again and have fun looking through all the old memories!
Equipped with 12 sections (one for each month of the year), this box is the perfect way to document and store your photos from the year that was. The Baby Edition, so pretty in mint green, lets you hold on to those unforgettable moments of your baby's first year - or to let your new parent friend create their own! The Classic version is timeless in blue, and will let you enjoy your memories for years to come.
THANK YOU for this gorgeous Baby Memory Box - it's the perfect way to keep my memories! I love that it comes with a code inside so I can print my photos whenever i like. The colour is great, everything is great
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