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Fridge Magnets

Choose your format: heart, retro or square and up to 12 photos. Design in our app or online for yourself or as a gift. Great for Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas and Birthdays. Our very personalised photo magnets are super sticky. They will go well on your fridge, on your counters in fact pretty much anything metallic. Their amazing quality thickness means whatever you are trying to hold up, be it a guilty pleasure takeaway menu or a treasured family art masterpiece, it'll stay where you want it to. Plus your photos will be printed on real photo paper, made in our own workshops. More great reasons to spend more time in front of the fridge! 😉

Display your lovely photos up on the fridge

At Cheerz, we are real snack merchants. If you don't believe us you should come by, We have a shelf of fruit, some much more interesting biscuits and three huge fridges that are always full. Not going to lie - we like our fancy yoghurts too. And since we spend a lot of time near the refrigerators, we decided it would be nice to see our favourite photos at the same time. That's why we have these awesome personalised photo magnets designed to stick our great photos everywhere.
Capture your favourite pictures on our cool custom fridge magnets, with three different fun formats that you can attach anywhere with even a hint of metal. All made in our own workshops. Your custom photo magnets are strong 💪 and can hold up all the local taxi cards and Chinese menus you can think of! Plus they come in beautiful packaging. The real beauty of these babies though, is every time hunger strikes, it's almost as if you are with your loved ones sharing a snack. Create your own photo magnets today and make yourself and your fridge smile! :) The perfect, personal gift.
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