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Fridge Magnets

Available in heart, retro or square formats with up to 12 photos, our fridge magnets are a star attraction. They make a great gift for yourself or a friend, and will stick to pretty much any metallic surface. Printed on top quality photo paper, they're also sturdy enough to ensure that your guilty pleasure takeaway menu and the kids' artistic drawings stay in exactly the right place. More great reasons to spend time in front of the fridge! 😉

Display your lovely photos up on the fridge

At Cheerz, we can never resist a good snack. And we've got a biscuit shelf, large fruit bowl and 3 (very, very full) fridges to prove it! Anyway, what we're trying to say is since we spend a LOT of time near the fridges, we decided it would be nice to see our favourite photos at the same time. That's why we have these awesome personalised photo magnets.
Available in three different fun formats, they can be attached to any metallic surface. They're made in our own workshops and their lovely packaging is the icing on the cake. Your custom photo magnets are strong enough to hold up all the local taxi cards and Chinese menus you need! 💪

The real beauty of these babies though, is that every time hunger strikes, it's almost as if you are with your loved ones sharing a snack. Create your own photo magnets today and make your next trip to the fridge feel even more worthwhile. The perfect, personal gift. 😉

Our answers to your questions

How can I add text to my photo magnets?

You can easily add a little caption to retro magnets, photobooth magnets and to one of the heart-shaped magnets in the pack of 9 that we offer. It isn't possible to add text to our other types of magnet.

In which styles are photo magnets available?

At Cheerz, we have several different photo magnet designs: hexagonal, heart-shaped, square, rectangular, retro and photobooth, that can be stuck on any metallic surface you like (they look great on fridges, radiators and notice boards). The more the better!

What is the finish like on the magnets?

All our magnets have a glossy protective coating which protects the silver print of the photo. So, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight, your magnets will keep their pretty colours and you will keep on smiling when you see them.

Which materials are the magnets made from?

Our magnets are printed on silver digital paper and bound to a thick magnetic surface that can hold up to 3 sheets of paper. What more could you ask for?