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Anyone who doesn't like to play raise their hand? No one? Yep, exactly as we thought. Little, big, kids, adults, alone or in a group, everyone loves playing, creating and having fun. That's why we created this category of personalised games to personalise (subtle, right?): photo puzzles, Lego® photo frames... Pretty, personalised products to give as a gift (or keep for yourself), that can be kept and displayed at home as photo décor!

What are you playing?

When we were little, we played hopscotch, skipping and marbles but the games we liked best were the games we could create. We spent hours creating, building and assembling little pieces, making pillow forts and inventing stories.
And even now we're all grown up, we've still got that same impulse: to create, design, build and have fun. That's why we wanted to create this category of personalised products that are both games and decorative objects, that combines our two passions and keeps us busy for hours. Boxes of personalised frames to build and place on your desk, photo puzzles... Everything is here ready for when you want to play like you did all those years ago.