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Photo Scrapbooks

Our scrapbook albums are made for you, by you! Available in small and large sizes, stick in your favourite photos and embellish with your own captions, glitter, tickets, sequins and whatever else you can get your hands on. Get stuck into your latest project!

An album made for you, by you!

In the family of photo albums, we had a think about what you like - and we know how much you all love being crafty! So with both the small and big scrapbooks, you can make your own creations with your photos (in either black and white or colour) and stick them in yourself. The key to success: have some decorations on hand and fill the pages with lots of love.
The principle is simple: it's scrapbooking, so you can stick your favourite photos on each page, just as you want them! No need for glue or sellotape, we've already supplied everything you need for your photos to stay in place. You can even add your own personal touches in the spaces provided. A tip-top gift for weddings, birthdays or Christmas!

Our answers to your questions

Which styles of photos can I order with my scrapbook album?

With the Big Scrapbook, you can print your photos in retro (8x10cm), square (10x10cm) or classic format (11x15cm). For the Small Scrapbook, you can stick one retro format photo (8x10cm) on each page, filling your book with 20 photos in total.

What are the extra special advantages of the Big Scrapbook?

The Big Scrapbook is delivered with 30 to 80 photos to stick inside, a white pen for adding captions and drawings and little stickers to hold them in place. it has large black pages giving you a blank canvas to let your creativity run wild: words, drawing, letters, postcards, subway tickets, plane tickets and any other souvenir you can think of can take pride of place in this entirely custom album. Big, beautiful and 100% unique.

I love, love, love it!
Sarah, January 2017
Product satisfaction: 9,2/10
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