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🎄 Christmas Gifts

Do you have the recipe for the perfect gift?
Oh yes, we're talking about the one that's got that little extra something that makes the biggest difference! That one that makes everyone happy, whether you're giving it or getting it. The one that'll never be resold. The one that you pamper, perfect and polish, that you wrap with utmost care for the grand reveal on the 25th.

At Cheerz, we've got the recipe. For Christmas, savour your sweetest memories the same way you savour those Christmas chocolates. Give the perfect personalised Cheerz photo gifts, the gifts that've all got that little extra something that they won't see coming.

A specially sentimental Christmas season

We can see you from here. Oh yes, from here. Scrolling for miles, scouring site after site trying ot find the perfect gift. Not ONE gift, nope, but several gifts. The one that gets you all excited to give, the one that lights up your gift receiver's eyes, the one that surprises, that brings a smile to your face, the one that has that little extra something. In short, as we call it (in all humility): the perfect gift.

So stop, stop everything, hands in the air! Why? Because you already have the perfect gift, right there in your hands, right there on your phone. Yes indeed, what gift more precious than the gift of your memories? Think about it. Frankly we can't think of anything. What we do know, however, is there are lots of pretty ways to print your favourite photos, and it seems that we do it well (well, that's for you to say).

Photo albums, mounted frames, Cheerz Boxes, photo prints and drum roll... Christmas cards! Once again this year, Chloé, our product designer, and the entire product team have come up with a brand new Christmas collection. On the programme: a brand new, fresh-out-the-oven card service with lots of formats to choose from. Ideal for wishing a Merry Christmas to loved ones at a distance or a happy new year to the whole family through a photo and a cute little note.
But that's not all, you know how we say "the cherry on top"? Well, that's how we imagined this collection, as the cherry on top of the gift. That little extra something that makes your gift even more special, that puts a smile on the face of gift wrapper and unwrapper alike when they discover a photo print wrapped into the gift, or a photo bookmark slipped between the pages of a book. That's the little extra something that truly makes a Christmas. Kind of like Christmas sweaters, Christmas movies you've seen a thousand times, Mariah Carey or the smell of fresh pine.

Enough of the blah, blah, blah! Get to work on your creations, your Cheerz Boxes, magnets, photo albums and prints! No excuses this year for last minute gifts! Say goodbye to "what do you want for Christmas? or "I hope you didn't get this already" or "let me know if it's the right size", and say hello to "Ooooh" "How cute! "Do you remember this?".

Right, we'll let you peruse in peace to find the gift that pleases you.