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Christmas Collection 🎄

After this unusual year, the holidays are going to have a completely different feel and we only have one wish this year : to be together with those who mean the most for an extraordinary Christmas.

A calm, simple Christmas, with only the essentials - ordinary with a little extra, where nothing is more important than being with those you love and where the most beautiful gift is one that was created and chosen with care, customised and full of memories, smiles and good times you want to keep forever : a photo gift.

Photo album, Cheerz Box, magnets, calendars, prints... by far the best personalised gifts to put under the tree to make mum, dad, your kids, friends or cousins happy.

An extraordinary year, an exceptional Christmas

There are some things from this year we would like to forget, and some that we wish had never happened at all, but if there's something to come out of this that we can never forget it's the importance of being together.

Calling each other, passing the time together, bickering, reinventing yourself, questioning youself, catching up, learning, smiling, cheering each other on, keeping your chin up, writing to each other, making a whatsapp group, swapping pictures, going on Zoom, sharing videos, missing each other. Nothing was more important to us in the last few months.

So why would it be any different at Christmas? Every year follows the same format: Secret Santa, dinners out every weekend, the crazy rush for Christmas shopping, the gift you forgot until the morning of the 24th, hours spent scrolling trying to find a last minute gift and the feeling of never having enough time... This year will be different.
This year we're going back to our roots for Christmas, an extraordinary moment to focus on those who count the most : finally reunited, woken up by the kids a bit too early on Christmas morning to unwrap presents in pyjamas, make a meal and sit around the table talking for hours, swap recipes, debate nonsense, burst out laughing, take cheesy pictures, hide to wrap your presents, open the hatch on the chimney to let Father Christmas down, decorating the tree, going on tippy toes to put the star on the top, arguing over who ate the last advent calendar chocolate, having seconds and undoing the top botton of your trousers because it was just too good.

This year we're going back to basics for Christmas. No overly-loud guests. No long-windeed conversations about the weather. No useless gifts. This year, we're giving each other heaps of memories to remind ourselves of the good times we've had, we're giving toothy smiles, holiday snaps from years ago, personalised gifts made with attention and care for every one.

That's why we're offering a collection of Cheerz Box, magnets, photo albums and extraordinary frames: designed to enhance your photos and be with you for life
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