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Personalised photo calendars

Your favourite memories, your choice of colours and layout, with personalised captions to boot - this calendar provides the perfect tabula rasa for the coming year, to decorate with your big plans (and the little, but oh so important ones - football practice, grandma's birthday, dentist appointment...) Pretty and practical all at once, it'll look great on your wall and even better wrapped in shiny paper and offered as a gift 🎁

Personalised photo calendars - practical and pretty design, the perfect gift!

Available in three formats, A4 landscape, A4 portrait and A3, our wall calendar is a gift that will last all year long. Decorate each page with your favourite photos, and choose your own colours and layout. You can even add captions for each month and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries - everything to tailor your calendar to you. Printed on top quality paper in our own Cheerz factory.

This is the perfect opportunity to gently remind your cousin of your birthday, or give your significant other a romantic gift to celebrate an anniversary, and the next year to come!
Create a personalised photo calendar in two shakes and make sure that you, and your loved ones, won't miss any of the key moments of 2020! An easy to make, personal gift, both useful and unique, that will make sure to kick the new year off in the right direction ✨

Our answers to your questions

In which formats are the photo calendars available?

Our photo calendars are available in A3 landscape (30x42cm), and A4 landscape or portrait (21x30cm).

What type of paper is used in the printing of the photo calendars?

Our calendars are printed on a high quality satin finish paper. You can write important dates in pencil and you'll never miss another birthday.

How many photos can I use in my photo calendar?

You can customise your calendar with 12 to 48 photos, as your design can include up to 4 photos per month.

Can I personalise my photo calendar?

Yes, absolutely, 100%! Your calendar can be entirely customised with up to 4 of your photos on each page, text options (for each month, important dates and the cover), colours and even the start date. For example, you could decide that you'd prefer to use a school term based calendar and have the start date as September 1st to take you all the way through the academic year. And of course, you can annotate your calendar with pen to add in appointments, meetings and parties throughout the year.

How can I change the start year of my personalised calendar?

Scroll through the dates using the < and > arrows on the screen during customisation to change your calendar's start date (month and year).

Marvellous! I received my calendar super quickly, and the quality of the calendar and photos was sublime. Thank you, Cheerz - strongly recommended!
Maya, October 2018