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The Photo Boxes

With Cheerz, photo printing is in the box. Literally! Choose your favourite photos - in black and white or colour - and receive them in one of our lovely boxes. Ideal for gifts, or to simply always have your favourite photos handy in a safe place.

Our photo boxes are iconic products!

The photo box is the very first product we launched, and we're all very proud of it! Because beautiful photos deserve beautiful packaging - and it makes a fantastic gift idea. And with several boxes and sizes to choose from, there are even more opportunities for gift-giving! Whether in black and white or colour, keep your memories forever in these lovely boxes - smiles guaranteed on delivery!
At the head of the family of photo boxes is the Cheerz Boxes, perfect for all occasions! Coming in all different colours and designs, there's a special Christmas-themed box... and then for lovers there's the Love Cheerz Box. And if you're looking to take things next-level, check out the Big Fat Box - it's perfect for holding all of your favourite memories... and it's also a great conversation starter!

Our answers to your questions

How many photos fit in each type of Box?

A Cheerz Box can contain 30 to 47 photos, the Very Little Box holds between 30 and 70, the Big Fat Box can have between 75 and 250 and the Memory Box can contain up to 300 photos! Impressive, right?

What type of prints are available in the Boxes?

Our boxes can contain photo prints in mini, retro, classic or square format.

What kind of photo paper is used at Cheerz?

When you print photos, you want to be able to keep them for the rest of your life. That's why at Cheerz, we use original Fujifilm photo paper with top-quality silver halide printing so that the colours stay just as vibrant, even as the years pass by.

How do I order prints to fill my Big Fat Box?

The Big Fat Box is our biggest photo box and can hold up to 250 photos, that are all ordered in one go.

How do I order prints to fill my Memory Box?

The Memory Box comes with a photo credit which is valid for a whole year and allows you to print up to 300 photos. You can order prints at anytime throughout the year, as you make your memories. The box has dividers inside, helping you to sort and arrange your photos as time goes by.

Amazing quality! With both my orders I've been completely satisfied - thanks for this amazing work. I highly recommend Cheerz!