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Photo Books

Discover our range of amazing custom photo albums online and create your own dream photo book. Made with love in our workshops and printed on the finest quality photo paper for an album you'll adore!

Photo Books by Cheerz

Create the best photo album you've ever seen (yep, that's right, we're pretty proud of them) printed on the finest photo paper available. Choose your favourite album design and select your format from square (21×21cm or 29×29cm), portrait (21×27cm) or landscape (27×21cm). Personalise your album online in the blink of an eye (30 minutes top, we reckon) thanks to our super easy interface and simple page layouts. Our albums have 24 pages as a default and you can add up to 154 photos depending on the type of photo book selected. Suitable for every occasion, choose your cover design theme: wedding, new arrivals, holidays, birthdays, adventures...
Play around with different colours and layouts, and add text to create the most wonderful book of memories: the star of your coffee table or bookshelf! Add your photos for printing on professional quality photo paper (classic, matte or famous Felix Schoeller paper). Once it's ready, the only job left is to pick a pretty box to keep it safe and sound, which doubles up as a very handy gift box 🎁. Easy peasy, right?

Our answers to your questions

Which occasions are suitable for making photo albums?

Any occasion! No memory is too small to be celebrated and there are plenty of important events that deserve their own albums. Weekends away with your friends, engagements, christenings, Valentine's Day, holidays, weddings, births, birthdays, Mother's Day, pregnancy - the list goes on! All these special moments can be kept safe and treasured in a photo album.

Can I add text to my photo album?

Yes, yes and yes again: we have 32 different page layouts available in our photo albums to give free rein to your creativity. You can customise captions, fonts, placement of text, image formats, the number of photos per page and your album cover. The goal is that your design is exactly how you want it and you love it!

What's the difference between albums with classic opening and ones with flat (layflat) opening?

Layflat albums don't have standard binding which means that the inside pages open completely flat without a deep indent down the middle, to show off your photos at their best. Classic albums have traditional binding and open like a book. Both options look great, but we advise you to go for Layflat opening if you've got lots of photos in landscape format and you'd like to display them over a double-page spread.

In which styles are the photo albums available?

We have 4 different styles of photo album: square, portrait, landscape and window. There are several sizes available for each format: small, medium and big square format (20x20cm, 21x21cm, 29x29cm), 5 portrait / landscape options (15x19cm for the A5 album, 20x27cm, 27x30cm, 21x27cm, 27x21 cm), and all the way up to 28x22cm for the window format album. Still with us? Perfect! And for our last little bit of technical info: there are two options to choose between for the way that you photo album opens. Layflat opening means that your album will open completely flat, without an indent in the middle of the pages where it's bound together. Classic opening is just like a normal book.

How can I put a photo across a double-page in my album?

To put a photo across a double-page, choose an album with layflat opening, which opens perfectly flat. It's the ideal format for a panoramic view of your most beautiful photos!

How many pages are there in the photo albums?

That all depends on how many photos you'd like to put inside! The minimum page number for all our albums is between 24 and 26, depending on the model, and the biggest ones, like the Window photo book, can contain up to 120 pages.

How to short out your fotos?

A super idea and so cute for a surprise present for my partner. He found it "excellent" and that the quality was excellent too. I really liked the creation process and that I didn't need to ask myself a million questions - well done! It's really easy and I created an album that's A+.. in my opinion ;) Thank you again!!!
Product satisfaction: 9.5/10
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