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Personalised Advent calendar

Our advent calendars are making their limited edition comeback! Whether you're team chocolate lovers with our kinderĀ® or Ferrero advent calendars wrapped in your favourite photo, or team photo lovers with our photo advent calendars that turn into a poster on the 25th, you'll find everything you need to learn to love the wait this holiday season. Whether it be for you or for your friends and family, hurry and get yours now! There won't be enough for everyone. Trust us, there's no better way to spend the Christmas countdown. And you know the rules. One box a day, and no cheating! What are you waiting for, gooo!

100% photo, kinderĀ® or Ferrero: Advent calendars to gift and to treat yourself with

What if this year you were to play rock, paper, scissors with your family to find out who should make the trip to the butchers for turkey instead of finding out who's nicked another kinderĀ® or FerreroĀ® from the other's Advent calendar and pinning it on them?

This year, to save you from tears, we suggest you play it safe and be the one to provide the advent calendars: from the sweet tooths to the sentimental, there's something for everyone. That way, the only surprise you'll get is a dose of sweetness, be it in chocolate or emotion. Because after all, that's the kind of memory we want to keep (even if we know it was you who ate your daughter's chocolates).
So to remind you of all those precious little moments, those super personal picture perfect photos, the ones that make your Christmas like no other, we've created 3 Advent calendars especially for you, each customisable with your most memorable moments from this year: 1 calendar that's 100% photo that turns into a poster to set, hang or frame, and 2 calendars that are 100% chocolate (kinderĀ® or FerreroĀ®) that come with a sweet surprise everyday - the ideal Christmas gift to give and receive.
It's more than enough to please your sister who's been on a diet since 2012, your nostalgic father, your mother who still asks you to print her photos instead of sending them, and yourself, who cherishes every single moment.