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Photo magnet

Choose from heart, square or retro formats and create personalised photo magnets to stick your favourite memories on the fridge! Your photos are printed on real photo print paper for the best quality and can hold up to 2 pieces of paper. Photo magnets: Create the prettiest and most personalised magnets around!

Display your lovely photos up on the fridge

At the Cheerz HQ, we like our food .. and if you don't believe us, you're very welcome to come to the office and check out the cheeky Cheerz treats we've got on offer. From our fruit bowl, mugs of tea and coffee, to our 2 HUGE fridges and snacks around the kitchen, it's true that we spend a lot of time infront and around our fridges. Therefore, we decided it would be a really good idea to have our favourite photos that could magnetically stick to our fridges.
Lightbulb moment!! We created personalised photo magnets that you can stick everywhere you like, so you'll see you loveliest photos every time your stomach rumbles! A personalised magnet with your photos. Choose your best photos and transform them into magnets to stick all over your fridge! Discover our magnets!
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