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All the products

Discover our products - they're original and easy to create!

Photo album: Portrait

The most beautiful of all photo albums (20×25cm)

Personalised Photo Calendar

A personalised photo calendar 2017 to make you smile, every day of the year 📆

Landscape Photo Album

Our first Landscape Photo Album in A4 size - how fabulous!

Square Photo Album

The cutest of all square photo albums (20x20cm)

Big Scrapbook

A quirky vintage photo book to stick in all of your photo memories!

Photo prints

The good old 11×15cm (4x6") format that everyone loves on quality photo paper

Square Prints

From 20 square photos upwards, no limits! (10×10cm)

Retro Prints

Retro style photo prints from 20 photos upwards, no limits!

Big Prints

Big retro-style prints (15×12cm)


Photobooth-style prints. 5 strips of 4 photos

Love strips

Photobooth-style love prints. 5 strips of 4 photos


24 photo invitations with envelopes ideal for birth announcement, wedding, etc.

Photo magnets (Square)

Packs of 9 high quality square magnets. (6×6cm)

Retro Magnets

Packs of 12 retro-style magnets (7×8cm)

Cheerz Box

A unique box with 30 to 45 photo prints inside. (10×8cm)

Love Cheerz Box


Big Fat Box

A large box with 75 to 200 prints inside

Personalised Photo Poster

35 of your best photos on a great poster (with or without frame). Size: 50×70cm. (20×28")

Little Square

Your photos in a gorgeous wooden square frame (20×20cm)

Big Square

Personalised elegant wooden black frame with your photos

Little Scrapbook

Stick your photos wherever you want in your album! (17×17cm)

Wedding decoration box

Decorate your wedding venue with photos

Metallic Prints

Your photo printed in aluminium form. Art gallery style!